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Rafael Jaen has more than 30 years of teaching experience and has received significant accolades and news features for his mentoring style. He has given workshops at various universities across the USA and conferences such as USITT, SWUSITT, SETC, and SILV.

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Developing Design-Tech Portfolios and Websites

Making a winning portfolio is essential to getting into choice colleges, obtaining scholarships, and getting new jobs in the field. Unfortunately, the process can become time-consuming and challenging. This workshop explores current and innovative approaches to creating a design-tech portfolio, including branding, social networking, and traditional and interactive e-portfolios. It also covers planning and developing page layout, content variety, aesthetic sequencing, marketing, personal presentation, and next steps. 

Drawing, Painting, and Collaging with Photoshop

Painting sketches with digital tools can be exciting when the layering matches the 3D items used in producing the rendered object. These workshops give in-depth instruction on drawing, painting, and collaging design sketches for costumes, set elevations, props, etc. Grounded in Photoshop, the sessions explore building a design from scratch, using digital tools, modalities, and painting techniques.

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