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Rafael Jaen's authorship includes research about design-tech portfolio development, costume design approaches, fashion history, allied arts, theatre crafts, artists profiles, and theatre stage management.

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Show Case: Developing, Maintaining, and Presenting a Design-Tech Portfolio for Theatre and Allied Fields 

This second edition features new and expanded chapters that explore current and innovative approaches to creating a design-tech portfolio, including branding, social networking, and traditional and interactive e-portfolios. 



Digital Costume Design and Collaboration 

Applications in Academia, Theatre, and Film

Digital Costume Design and Collaboration gives in-depth instruction on how to draw, render, and fully design costumes using online tools and software. Grounded in the use of Photoshop, the book explains the process of building a costume design from scratch, including information on digital tools and painting techniques.


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Chapter Co-Author

  • Chapter 3. Rafael Jaen and Robert I. Lublin: “Fashioning Frankenstein in Film: Brides of Frankenstein”

  • Chapter 8. Rafael Jaen and Robert I. Lublin: “Fashioning Frankenstein in Film: Monsters and Men”

Fashioning Horror: Dressing to Kill on Screen and in Literature

From Jack the Ripper to Frankenstein, Halloween customs to Alexander McQueen collections, Fashioning Horror examines how terror is fashioned visually, symbolically, and materially through fashion and costume, in literature, film, and real life. ​



Peer Reviewed Article

  • “By Chance or by Fate” by Rafael Jaen

TD&T PORTFOLIO The Designs of Susan Hilferty


(With Bobbi Owen and Gabriel Vega Weissman)

As a successor to the USITT popular monograph Series of books, the new publication will take an in-depth look at individual artists from the industry and be published yearly. The first Portfolio will feature the work of Broadway Designer and Tony Award Winner Susan Hilferty.


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Book Editor

Backstage Series

Theatre Artisans and Their Craft: The Allied Arts Fields

Book editor with Holly Poe Durbin and Christin Essin)

Theatre Artisans and Their Craft: The Allied Arts Fields profiles fourteen remarkable artists and technicians who elevate theatre production to new dimensions, explore new materials and technologies, and introduce new safety standards and solutions.


Book Editor and Chapter Contributor

Backstage Series

  • Chapter 8: "A Mutualistic Symbiotic Model: Stage Manager and Designers’ Strong Ties and Participative Intentions" by Rafael Jaen.

Off Headset:  Essays on Stage Management Work, Life, and Career

(Book editor with Christopher Sadler)​

Off Headset is a collection of chapters containing essays by a richly diverse group of stage management professionals and educators covering the challenges stage managers face on the job, in their lives, and in their careers.


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